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Reference Manual of DeleGate

DeleGate reference manual version 9.9 / <A Href=/delegate/Manual.shtml?HTTP id=hgen>HTTP</A> header rewriting
[CTX] [ALL] HTTP header rewriting

kill-[i][qr]head: listOfHeaders
erase header fields listed in listOfHeaders before forwarding a request/response message to server/client. "kill-qhead" is applied only to request message to server and "kill-rhead" is applied only to response message to client. If "i" is prefixed as "kill-iqhead:Pragma,Cache-Control", the specified fields are erased before DeleGate interpret it as the HTTP headers.


add a header name:body to forwarded request/response message. Client's identity information can be inserted into body string with "%format" notation. If "i" is prefixed as "add-ihead:Pragma:no-cache", then the specified field with the body is added to the input to be interpreted by DeleGate as a HTTP header from the client or the server.